The inauguration of the newly constructed building of Shree Rudrayanee Secondary School and handover program was successfully conducted today 14th March, 2017 by

Malta, Ward No. 2 of Bagmati Rural Municipality, is declared Open Defecation Free on Dec. 20, 2017 amidst the function held in Malta, Lalitpur.  UEMS is working in Malta for WASH improvement progr

In the honor of M. Julien Lauprêtre, Founder Chairperson of Secours populaire français, Urban Environment Management Society (UEMS) organized the Nepalese Musical Instrument Evening with Sur Sudh

Even as the dry season sets in, residents of Chyasal in Lalitpur, unlike in many parts of the country, have no reason to worry about water shortage.

Community Managed Water treatment and distribution system in Kathmandu Valley- Phase II" project is formally started with the kick off workshop dated on 11th June, 019. The project

Since the establishment,UEMS has focused in reducing household level waste through bin composting and trained the community people in producing compost manure. UEMS with

UEMS has introduced Bucket Chlorination approach to ensure water safety of dugwells. The bucket is drilled with the cover with 6 mm drill on the edges. The cover and bucket are tied together. The 4.5 mm drill is used to

Improvement of Wells/ sources and establishment of community managed water bottling/ distribution system in Kathmandu Valley Project. The traditional stone spouts and the dug-wells were the major

Siddhipur .Shree Siddhi Mangal Secondary School in Siddhipur-6, Mahalaxmi Municipality, Lalitpur was affected by the earthquake which disturbed the education of 522 students. Urban Environment Ma

Nepal had experienced the worst rainfall in the 15 years started on 11 August 2017. The torrential monsoon rains had triggered the severe flooding and landslides across the 35 districts out of 75 d

The  District Project Advisory Committee (DPAC) Meeting of Lalitpur based projects of UEMS was conducted today (on 21st April, 2017) at Bagaicha Restaurant located at

Residence of Chandanpur VDC of Lalitpur and concerned stakehold