Nepal had experienced the worst rainfall in the 15 years started on 11 August 2017. The torrential monsoon rains had triggered the severe flooding and landslides across the 35 districts out of 75 districts of Nepal with the huge impacts on life, livelihoods and infrastructure. Among badly affected 21 Terai districts, Bara and siraha were also the two severely hit districts. In regards to this loss, 330 households from Bara and 120 households from siraha districts were fully damaged according to the WASH cluster meeting of the districts. Recent cold waves in these districts further harden the life of victims. Hence, UEMS with the financial support of Secours Populaire Francais, SPF, supported the winter warm clothes to 330 households in Bara and 120 households in siraha districts. Relief materials were distributed in Bara in coordination with the local NGO, Dalit, Ethnic Upliftment Center, DEUC, Bara.

And in case of Siraha, the newly elected Mayor of Siraha Municipality Mr. Asheshwor Prasad Yadav distributed the relief materials to the flood affected households.  The supported items are as follows:

  1. Sponge mattress-1
  2. Blanket-2
  3. Pillow-2
  4. Bed sheet with pillow cover-1
  5. Hygiene Kit(Toothbrush-3 pieces, Toothpaste-1 piece, Comb-1 piece, Sanitary pad-1 packet, nailcutter-1 piece, small towel-1 piece and soap-3 pieces)

Since the temperature in Terai districts has reduced tremendously, the relief materials distribution has supported 450 poor households for their access to warmth.



Since the establishment,UEMS has focused in reducing household level waste through bin composting and trained the community people in producing compost manure. UEMS with the finan