Community Managed Water treatment and distribution system in Kathmandu Valley- Phase II" project is formally started with the kick off workshop dated on 11th June, 019. The project aims to increase access to safe drinking water and Compensate the ground water extraction through rainwater harvesting and ground water recharge systems in Kathmandu valley. This project has been started with financial support of Solaqua Foundation, Kathmandu Valley Water supply Management Board and Lalitpur Metropolitan City. Apart from supporting for the implementation of specific project, UEMS also aims to Strengthen Community Institutions to manage water distribution systems and link with local government/municipality and concerned authorities for expansion and sustainability. Hence, Project start up meeting was planned and organized among all the relevant stakeholders. Overall the meeting aims to share and formally inform the starting of phase II project and inform the relevant stakeholders about the planned outputs and activities of the project.

Mrs. Gita Satyal, Deputy Mayor of Lalipur Metropolitan City, was chaired as Chief Guest in the workshop. During the workshop, the detail introduction along with the major objectives, working areas and location working modality of the project along with the relevant stakeholders and their roles and responsibilities were shared. The achievements of community managed water treatment and distribution system- phase I were also highlighted among the stakeholders and shared that the first phase sites are being operated in different ways.

The ward chairpersons from various wards, Kathmandu Valley water supply management Board representatives, District Public Health organization have also attended the workshop.

Deputy Chairperon, Mrs Satyal appreciated the community managed water treatment system- phase I as she had visited the systems during the joint stakeholders visit. With the remarks of thanks to all participants and their valuable suggestions, UEMS Executive Director, Mr. Prem Singh Maharjan concluded the workshop. He moreover added community managed water treatment and distribution system is one of the best models to address the need of safe water for drinking in the core urban areas in Kathmandu valley.

UEMS has introduced Bucket Chlorination approach to ensure water safety of dugwells. The bucket is drilled with the cover with 6 mm drill on the edges. The cover and bucket are tied together. The 4.5 mm drill is used to