Since the establishment,UEMS has focused in reducing household level waste through bin composting and trained the community people in producing compost manure. UEMS with the financial support of Canadian Fund for Local Initiative (CFLI) had also initiated “Enhancing socio-economic empowerment of women through household level solid waste management and composting” project  where the community were encouraged for terrace gardening so that they can produce their needy pesticides free vegetables on their own utilizing the waste that is produced from kitchen thereby support in economy of the families through income generation and curtail the expenditure in buying vegetables. UEMS continued the purchase and marketing of compost manure through Sa:Pucha.

300 compost bins along with waste segregation baskets were distributed with the support of Lalitpur Metropolitan City under its ‘Output Based Aid for Municipal Solid Waste Management in Nepal Project’. 644 people were oriented and trained on SWM, bin composting and 180 community people had initiated terrace/kitchen gardening hence helped in empowering them as well.


UEMS has introduced Bucket Chlorination approach to ensure water safety of dugwells. The bucket is drilled with the cover with 6 mm drill on the edges. The cover and bucket are ti