UEMS has introduced Bucket Chlorination approach to ensure water safety of dugwells. The bucket is drilled with the cover with 6 mm drill on the edges. The cover and bucket are tied together. The 4.5 mm drill is used to make holes in opposite sides about 1 cm above the bottom. The aggregate is washed properly and placed in the bucket. The sand is washed properly and the bleaching powder is mixed to it. The mixture is placed above the aggregate in the bucket. The cover is tightly replaced, and the bucket is immersed into the well below the water surface. The bucket is shaken few times and left there. Every time the water is pulled out, the bucket shakes and chlorine is deposited into the water through small holes in the bottom of the bucket. The water should be used only after half an hour of placing the bucket.

Improvement of Wells/ sources and establishment of community managed water bottling/ distribution system in Kathmandu Valley Project. The traditional stone spouts and the dug-wells were the major