Improvement of Wells/ sources and establishment of community managed water bottling/ distribution system in Kathmandu Valley Project. The traditional stone spouts and the dug-wells were the major sources of water for the communities dwelling in Lalitpur Metropolitan City (LMC). Now, water from these sources is inadequate to meet the demand for water throughout the year as the discharge of the stone spouts and dug-well is very low during the dry season. The wells have been constructed and deepened to the possible extent and still the water availability is too scarce to meet the demand of the population.  With the technical and financial support of Solaqua, UEMS has executed the installation of four water treatment and distribution systems in four core areas of LMC namely Tichhugalli, Gujibahal, Dupat and Lukhushi. Now the total 881 households have easy access to safe drinking water in affordable price.

UEMS has introduced Bucket Chlorination approach to ensure water safety of dugwells. The bucket is drilled with the cover with 6 mm drill on the edges. The cover and bucket are tied together. The 4.5 mm drill is used to